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You have three options with sending us the information on a monthly basis.

  1. Scan your receipts and save your electronic invoices/receipts on a shared dropbox folder filed by month. We will then take care of the rest!
  2. As above but email them to us as a batch once a month.
  3. Stick them all into an envelope and post them through to us each month.

We are happy to be flexible to use the system above that best suits you. However we love all things paperless and cloud based so option 1 in our books works best

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What Is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is a must by all business owners. Not only does it keep HMRC off your bank and ensure you are not penalised by them for inadequate bookkeeping, but it can also help motivate and inspire you. By keeping your books up to date you will feel more engaged in your business by being better informed on how your business is really performing.

That Sounds Great, But I Don’t Have The Time Or Experience To Deal With This?

This is where we come in. SME Cloud Accounting offers a fully inclusive and comprehensive online bookkeeping services to UK businesses. 90% of accountants, particularly those that are based online do not include bookkeeping as part of their standard core package, we do.

What Is The Difference Between Bookkeeping And Accounting?

This is very common question and a good one. Bookkeeping is the recording of the transaction from either the receipt, invoice or bank statement onto a bookkeeping system. Accounting is taking the books and using them to produce a set of accounts. Accounts for limited companies must be prepared in a professional manner in order to comply with the companies act and also with HMRC’s tax legislation.

How Does This Work On A Practical Basis?

If you are a small business and so not have multiple suppliers and customers that you need to manage then the most effective way is to set up your bookkeeping system so that the bank transactions are accounted for on a regular basis. We use Xero to link your bank account to the software making this process as automated as possible. You may need to log in now and again to refresh your bank feed which takes a few moments a quarter or can send us your electronic bank statements from your online banking.

Is Software Appropriate For Me?

Although we are online accountants that utilise modern technology, SME is run by fully experienced and qualified accountants and bookkeepers which ensures the numbers from your small business, whether you are a freelancer, contractor or retailer are understood and interpreted by professionals. Using Xero ensures your business has an edge on the competition.

Can I Do My Own Bookkeeping?

Yes, you can. Although SME are happy to look after all of your affairs using our proven online bookkeeping systems we understand that some small business owner may wish to do their own bookkeeping. As SME offers such fantastic value for a complete all-inclusive online bookkeeping and accounting service covering everything from bookkeeping to VAT and tax planning, we are certain that you feel happy choosing one of our packages.

How Much Does The Bookkeeping Cost?

Our packages include a transactional amount of bookkeeping that covers most small business. However, if you have a more substantial amount of bookkeeping required, we are happy to offer a more tailored solution for you. Feel free to contact us online for a personal quote or contact us by telephone to speak to an advisor.

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