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Finding the right Contractor Accountant might be a difficult task at the outset, but once you know what services you are looking for and the level of service that you require from an accountant then it is very simple to find the right accounting service.

In the 21st Century, the easiest option for all contractors, freelancers, locums and consultants are to use online accountants for contractors. By using online accountants, you will be able to utilise the latest cloud accounting software for contractors that enables sole traders and limited companies to enter their monthly bookkeeping records into an online system. You do not need to be visiting an accountant on a monthly basis, or meeting up with a bookkeeper.

At SME Cloud Accounting we are able to provide you with an online system that provides you with all the necessary reporting requirements for HMRC and if you feel you need to talk to a qualified tax accountant a Freephone number: 0800 246 1803

A Low Cost, Fixed Monthly Fee Contractor Accounting Services

We offer 4 different accounting packages for our services, being an IT contractor or a Locum you will want to keep your expenses as low as possible to maximise your profits. We have 2 different packages that are suitable for you:

Our Lite Package at £69 per month – this covers:

  • Year End Accounting
  • Year End Tax Returns
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Monthly Payroll

Or our Standard Package at £99 per month – this covers:

  • Year End Accounting
  • Year End Tax Returns
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Monthly Payroll
  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • VAT Returns

You can read more about the packages that we offer HERE, or simply calling us on 0800 246 1803

Complimentary Limited Company Set-Up For Contractors

SME Cloud Accounting would like to offer free set-up for any contractor, IT consultant, Freelancer, or locum that requires a limited company formation and has taken out one of our monthly packages. To set-up a limited company, we shall need our company registration form completed and then we are able to support you opening your business account while registering your newly incorporated company for PAYE, VAT and Corporation Tax.

Why Choose SME Cloud Accounting As Your Contractor Accountants?

SME Cloud Accounting are solely an online accounting firm that can serve any consultant, freelancer, Locum or contractor anywhere in the UK. You could be located in London, Manchester or Glasgow and run our bookkeeping online instead of meeting up on a monthly basis with a locally based accountancy.

We provide support for anyone who cannot decide whether to continue as a sole trader or a limited company, for more information please read our comparison page.

If you have any queries or questions regarding contractor accounting, please email us at or call us on 0800 246 1803 today.

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