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What Is A Limited Company?

A limited company is one of the most popular ways of trading. Unlike self-employment as a sole trader a limited company is a separate legal entity to you as an individual as must be formed at Companies House.

Is It Complicated Setting Up A Limited Company?

Not for SME Cloud Accounting as we are professional UK online accountants, fully qualified and experienced in forming UK companies. As part of the process we will review your shareholding requirements and also consider any other registrations that may be required.

Why Would I Set Up A Limited Company?

If it suits your personal circumstances for several reasons to operate via a limited company then you will need to formally register it with Companies House.

What Are The Tax Implications And Benefits Of Using A Limited Company?

There are shaky 3 main benefits in using a limited company. 1) Potential tax and national insurance savings with considered remuneration planning. 2) Your status with customers and suppliers may be improved with a limited company as it will be held on the public record. 3) Limitation of liability.

What Limited Company Taxes Are Due?

Some taxes remain the same whether you use a limited company or not. PAYE and VAT may still be applicable depending on the business circumstances. One distinct tax due to a limited company is corporation tax. Corporation tax is due on limited company’s annual profits and the deadline to say this to HMRC is normally 12 months after the end of your accounting period.

Can SME Cloud Accounting Set Up A Limited Company?

Yes, we can form your limited company at companies house on your behalf. You will need to complete our company registration form and email it back to us so that we can start the process.

How Much Does The Company Formation Cost?

If you take up one of our monthly packages then there will be no extra cost. If you would like us to form a limited company as a one off services we can do this for a fee of no more than £125 plus VAT.

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