Providing Payroll Services for Companies In The UK

Handle your employee’s paycheck

Payroll Services

We take care of all your monthly payroll needs, providing you with digital payslips and summaries of your tax liabilities where appropriate as part of your package cost. If you require a weekly or bi-weekly payroll services, we can also offer this at an additional cost.

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Will I Need A Payroll Service?

Payroll services for directors are recommended as a tax efficient way of extracting the profits from your limited company. If you hire staff then you will also need to account for PAYE and national insurance on their salary.

What Happens If I Don’t Submit A Payroll?

HMRC requires RTI submissions for all staff payments. If you don’t comply, then there will be a penalty from HMRC and interest for late payments.

What Is RTI?

Real Time Information also known as RTI is where payroll payments need to be reported to HMRC on or before the payment date.

It Sounds Like A Huge Commitment?

It is a lot of responsibility and that is why we integrate a monthly payroll service into our standard monthly packages.

What Is SME’s Costs For This Service.

There is no additional cost as long as the amount of staff your business employs fits into the parameters of our monthly packages. For more staff on the payroll there will just be a small additional charge. Contact us for further information.

I’m Not Sure If I Need A Payroll?

We will review your individual requirements and register you for PAYE to run a regular payroll if it is required.

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